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Hot Sheet Articles - For Review
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Articles for Editorial Subcommittee

February 6, 2018 Discussion

  1. 343: The Swiss Cheese Conundrum: Correcting Flawed Metes and Bounds Descriptions to Establish Access or Fill a Parcel’s Ostensible Gaps by Mark Epstein
  2. 344: Huzzah Escrow Elizabeth!!! By Anita Rubeck
  3. 345: Seller Mends Fences and Pays Off the PACE/HERO Loan by Anita Rubeck
  4. 346: Captain Escrow and the Seller’s Word of Honor by Tracy Vagt and Anita Rubeck
  5. 347: Captain Escrow Joins Forces with General Provisions by Anita Rubeck
  6. 348: Servicing Agreements and the Payoff by Anita Rubeck
  7. 349: Captain Escrow Contfronts OFAC by Anita Rubeck
  8. 350: General Provisions and Captain Escrow Take Command of the Escrow Voyage by Anita Rubeck
  9. 351: Securing the Escrow Ranch by Anita Rubeck and Debi Peters
  10. 352: The Loan That Turned into a Gift by Anita Rubeck
  11. 353: An Invitation to the Masquerade Ball by Anita Rubeck
  12. 354: The Walking Dead Escrow by Debi Peters and Anita Rubeck
  13. 355: When’s it OK to Re-record a Deed? by James Bruce Davis (NOTE: Published in Virginia State Bar Real Property Section. Need to request permission if interested in article)

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