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The California Land Title Association Political Action Committee (CLTA-PAC) was formed to represent your interests in Sacramento and help to establish vital relationships with aspiring and existing California elected officials.

Founded by the CLTA Board of Governors in the mid-1970s, the CLTA-PAC is a bipartisan committee that
supports candidates and legislators at the state level who understand the challenges of conducting the business of title insurance in California.

With YOUR donation to the CLTA-PAC, CLTA can ensure that public officials are educated about the vital role title insurance plays in the real estate industry and the California economy as a whole.

NOTE: CLTA-PAC contributions are completely voluntary and NOT tax deductible. Contributions may not exceed $7,900 in one calendar year. Any contribution $100 or greater will be publicly reported. Per California law, if you choose to make a PAC contribution, you must complete the following information above: Your Name, Occupation, Employer, and Resident Address.

California Land Title Association

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