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CLTA Makes Form Filings with the Department of Insurance

Tuesday, May 21, 2019  
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As a title insurance advisory organization, the CLTA made several form filings in the first quarter of 2019 for use by CLTA member title companies. The filings are briefly summarized below:


  • CLTA Standard Coverage Policy (11-09-18)

The CLTA Standard Coverage Policy was modified by clarifying item (6) of the Exceptions from Coverage in Schedule B relating to mechanics’ liens, to clarify the exception applies unless the lien is shown in the public records as of the Date of Policy.

  • ALTA Owner's Policy (06-17-06) and ALTA Loan Policy (06-17-06)

CLTA member companies issue standard coverage 2006 ALTA Loan or ALTA Owner’s Policies with the insertion of six (6) Western Regional Exceptions. Item (6) of the Exceptions from Coverage in Schedule B has been revised in both the ALTA Loan Policy (06-17-06) and the ALTA Owner’s Policy (06-17-06). The technical revisions did not require a change in the policy date.


  • CLTA Preliminary Report, Exhibit A (11-09-18)

The CLTA Preliminary Report, Exhibit A was updated to reflect the changes to Item 6 of the Exceptions from Coverage in Schedule B. The language in Exhibit A will now be consistent with the CLTA Standard Coverage Policy, ALTA Loan Policy and ALTA Owners Policy.


  • CLTA Form 123.4-06/ALTA 3.3-06 (12-01-18) | Zoning – Completed Improvement – Non-Conforming Use
  • CLTA Form 123.5-06/ALTA 3.4-06 (12-01-18) | Zoning – No Zoning Classification

There was a need for industry standard coverage for situations in which an insurer chooses to provide coverage for a known non-conforming use that applies to an existing building or in cases where there is no existing zoning classification. Other standard CLTA/ALTA Endorsements in the 3-Series did not provide the specific coverages customers required in these situations.

  • CLTA Form 129.3-06/ALTA 18.3-06 (12-01-18) | Single Tax Parcel and ID

Customers were ordering the CLTA 129.1-06/ALTA 18.1-06 endorsement (designed for multiple parcels) when the policy insured only one parcel because the more appropriate CLTA 129-06/ALTA 18-06 did not identify the tax parcel number as was the case with the CLTA 129.1-06/ALTA 18.1-06 and CLTA 129.2-06/ALTA 18.2-06. This new endorsement now provides industry standard coverage for situations in which the insured wants the tax parcel number identified for a single parcel.

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