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Donation Limits:  

Corporate - $7,300 | Individual - $7,300

CLTA-PAC Current PAC Level:  

$90,000 (approximate)

CLTA has historically raised $28,000 – $37,000 a year. $37,000 was the HIGH prior to company consolidations in 2004/2005.

For the past three years, however, CLTA has raised over $60,000 and is on track to raise at least another $50,000 this year under CLTA-PAC Co-Chairs Neil Gulley and Rick Kersenbrock.

Where can the CLTA-PAC Funds be Spent?

Historically, CLTA has spent the PAC money in the following ways:

State Legislators:  State Senators (40 members), State Assembly (80 members)

California Constitutional Offices:  Governor, Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Board of Equalization Members, State Controller, State Treasurer

Spending Breakdown by California historically:

  • CLTA spends a lion's share of its PAC funds on State Legislators.
  • CLTA has given in the Governor’s race, but only once in last 15 years.
  • CLTA has given to Board of Equalization candidates on several occasions.
  • CLTA has given money to the State Insurance Commissioner, but the candidates often will NOT accept insurance industry money in an election given the potential for negative press for taking money from the insurance industries they regulate.

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