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Committee Descriptions


Claims Awareness Committee

The purpose of CLTA's Claims Awareness Committee is to identify the latest trends in claims, and offer claims awareness tips to title company personnel designed to prevent like claims in the future.  These tips will be circulated to all CLTA member companies through the Claims Awareness Hot Sheet, an annual claims awareness workshop and by other means which the Committee deems appropriate. Ideally, the Committee will be comprised of those responsible for claims administration and claims awareness within their own companies.

It shall be the goal of the Committee to publish the Claims Awareness Hot Sheet quarterly.  The Association hopes that individuals serving on this committee will: share written examples of claims suffered by their company; edit those examples into easily read, easily understood synopses; and, offer tips to those on the firing line regarding how to avoid suffering like claims in the future.

The Committee will likely meet four times a year (via conference call) and may be responsible for coordinating an in-person seminar or an electronic webinar. The Claims Awareness Committee is an 18 member committee.

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides basic, intermediate and advanced education to California's title industry. The Committee sponsors seminars in areas of special interest to enhance the knowledge and skills of those within the industry. Additionally, the Committee is responsible for the development and distribution of education materials to support member companies' training efforts.

The purpose of this committee is not to supplant the ongoing educational programs within member companies, but to enhance those programs and to provide basic educational building blocks to assure that, as an industry, we are fostering both competence and professionalism.

The Committee will likely meet four times a year (via conference call) and may be responsible for coordinating in-person seminars and/or electronic webinars. The Education Committee is an 18 member committee.

Forms & Practices Committee

The Forms and Practices Committee is established in the CLTA Bylaws. It is a 42 member committee which devotes over 1,800 volunteer man-hours per year in support of this association.

A principal duty of the Forms and Practices Committee is to review, modify and propose forms and to review and recommend practices for possible use by CLTA members while involved in the business of title insurance in California.

Committee responsibilities are delegated to a number of committee sub-sections (delegated by the Chair), which report before the full committee. This committee holds four in-person meetings throughout the state annually.

Legislative Committee

It is a 23 member committee which devotes approximately 588 volunteer man-hours per year in support of this Association. This Committee meets twice annually, usually in-person but may hold meetings on occasion via conference call.

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to review and make recommendations with respect to legislative matters that may have an impact on the conduct of the business of title insurance in this state.

The Legislative Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. To review the write ups for the annual CLTA Summary of Legislation to determine whether to include in the Summary, whether to modify the write up and whether to refer the measure to the Forms and Practices Committee for either a Manual change or a practice recommendation.

  2. To review legislative proposals received from CLTA members and other groups or individuals asking for the introduction or support of legislation or for comments on legislative proposals.

  3. To report to the Board of Governors on legislation which the Committee deems should be brought to the attention of the Board of Governors.

  4. To determine which legislation the CLTA should sponsor.

  5. To review and determine CLTA positions on all legislation which the CLTA staff refers to the Committee. Those positions being to support, oppose, amend or take no action on a particular measure.

Litigation Committee

The Litigation Committee does not typically hold in-person meetings, however, may meet via conference call from time to time.

The purpose of this Committee is to consider requests of the CLTA to participate in litigation by filing amicus curiae briefs, by providing research or by sharing in the costs of said litigation.

The Litigation Committee employs a number of criteria in determining the advisability of CLTA participation in litigation, including:

  1. The importance to or impact upon the title insurance industry;

  2. The potential effect of a CLTA contribution upon the ultimate outcome of the litigation;

  3. The ability of the litigants to obtain such contributions from other sources;

  4. Whether or not the arguments and issues involved are unique or innovative;

  5. The frequency with which situations will arise in practice that will be affected by the outcome of the litigation;

  6. The probability of settlement;

  7. The probability of appeal being accepted;

  8. The probability of the appeal being successful.

Technology Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas on technology-related issues of particular interest to the title industry for all CLTA member companies.

The scope of work of this committee is to:

  1. Study technology for local title office operations and title plants, and provide the CLTA membership with timely information and advice in this field (e.g., articles, information, white papers, best practices).

  2. Provide advice and support as appropriate to CLTA regarding technology-related training and education.

  3. Maintain liaison with industry organizations engaged in development of standards and procedures for the exchange of information and data (e.g., MISMO, PRIA).

  4. Develop, solicit, review, and publish best practices for the exchange of information and the use of technology to improve and enhance all aspects of the title business.

  5. Identify the many types of technology-related fraud facing the title industry and develop prevention techniques.


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