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Title Consumer/Title Reporter

The CLTA has decided to offer the Title Consumer and Title Reporter brochures/handouts electronically through this website only; therefore, the printed brochures will no longer be available for purchase. However, we stand behind your company's efforts in supplying your clients and consumers with outstanding brochures, and therefore offer the Title Consumers and Reporters electronically at no charge. This allows you, as a member company, to create your own brochure and/or flyers to distribute. The CLTA requires only that the following quote be included when reprinting (including an approximate date to determine whether or not a publication is the most current version):   "Reprinted with the permission from the California Land Title Association (date ________  )"

Title Consumers - Questions & Answers

  1. Understanding Title Insurance  -- updated Jan 2019
    Spanish Version: Explicación del Seguro de Título
  2. Understanding Closing and Title Costs  -- updated Apr 2019
  3. Understanding Common Ways of Holding Title -- updated Feb 2014
  4. Understanding Condominium and PUD Ownership -- updated Apr 2019 
  5. Understanding the Language of Real Estate -- updated Mar 2016
  6. Understanding Living Trusts -- updated Apr 2019
  7. Understanding Mello-Roos -- updated Mar 2017
  8. Understanding Preliminary Reports
    Spanish Version: Explicación de los Informes Preliminares
  9. Understanding Probate -- updated Mar 2017
  10. Understanding Required Reporting to the I.R.S.
  11. Understanding Statements of Information
  12. Understanding Subdivision Public Reports -- updated Oct 2017
  13. Understanding Supplemental Property Taxes
  14. Understanding Title Insurance Requirements For Insuring Trusts
  15. Understanding Withholding on Real Estate Sales
  16. Why Lenders Require Title Insurance when Refinancing Your Home
  17. 10 Good Reasons Why Lenders Should Say No to Losses of Priority 


Title Reporters

  1. Why Do You Need Title Insurance?
    Spanish Version: Por Que Necesito Seguro De Titulo?
  2. Solar Access: A Potential Title Problem
  3. Closing Costs: A Primer
  4. Title Insurance: Where Does Your Dollar Go?
  5. Understanding Foreclosure
  6. The Functions of an Escrow
  7. Mechanics' Liens
  8. Forgery: A Cause For Alarm?
  9. Creative Financing:  Carrying Back a Second?  You Need a Lender's Title Policy


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