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CLTA Policy & Endorsement Forms - Online Subscription

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* Subscribers of the CLTA Policy & Endorsement Forms publication will automatically be billed/charged 12 months after initial purchase or renewal for a subsequent 12 month subscription. Updates to the publication are included with a current subscription and are provided in real-time.

These Policy and Endorsement Forms (P&E) are a compilation of California Land Title Association (CLTA) and American Land Title Association (ALTA) standard forms filed with the California Department of Insurance (CD) for use by California Land Title Association (CLTA) member title companies. These forms are copyrighted by the CLTA unless otherwise stated on the form. The use of these forms is voluntary and title insurance companies may file their own forms with the CDI and parties may use forms with different terms.
Copies of these P&E Forms with a subscription for periodic revisions may be purchased through a formal licensing agreement with the CLTA. Purchase can only be made from the CLTA.
Upon purchase of the P&E Forms, the purchaser acknowledges that he or she is purchasing these forms for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of reliance; that his or her purchase, ownership, or possession of these forms are not an offer  by the CLTA or any of its members to undertake insurance; that he or she understands no form will be issued unless the specific conditions of the insured risks conform to sound, discretionary underwriting practices of the issuing title insurer; and he or she agrees that he or she will not sell, transfer, permit reproduction of, nor reproduce these forms or any material withdrawn from it, in whole or in part unless a licensing agreement is reached with CLTA. 
The forms contained in this publication are all subject to modification and withdrawal without prior notice to P&E Book holders. Periodically, new forms, modified forms and withdrawal of information will be furnished to each licensed subscriber with a statement of the revision date.
The forms contain and the revisions will reflect only material which has been formally adopted by the CLTA and ALTA and filed with the office of the Insurance Commissioner of the State of California.
Periodic revisions will be issued at the sole discretion of the CLTA at indefinite intervals. 


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